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Obsessed with "The Crown" season 4 ? Here are some other similar movies/ shows you should watch!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Netflix's show "The crown" has garnered both praise and controversy , the new season of the series (Season 4) was liked by the audience and each episode of the season had an IMDb rating above 8.5 , I personally liked Season 4 of the Crown , the events were perfectly knitted together , the shooting of the show was done intelligently to impersonate the Buckingham Palace and each character was given importance.

"The Crown" , though inspired by real stories and real characters isn't an accurate history lesson one would expect it to be, the episodes have been dramatized and though a lot of the events are true , a lot of the reactions of the characters were "assumed" by the makers.

"The Crown" has been in the headlines as Netflix refused to put a disclaimer to "inform" the audience , the show is a work of fiction which surely made the Royal family furious.

Princess Diana and and Prince Charles' story was definitely the highlight of the season.

the crown season 4

I thought "The Crown" would recreate the grand wedding in the show but we don't get to see that in The Crown-Season 4. “The wedding scene, you can YouTube it and you could be watching it in 10 seconds, so I don’t think there’d be any point in us recreating it,” said Emma Corrin who played Diana Spencer in the Crown Season 4.

the crown season 4

Other shows you should watch if you liked "The Crown" -

The Story of Diana - "The Story of Diana" is a documentary on Diana , the princess of Wales , the documentary is split into two parts of 83 minutes each and focusses on Diana's life and mainly her relationship with the press , how her popularity shaped the paparazzi culture and she struggled to live a private life.

Where to watch "The Story of Diana"? Netflix

IMDb rating - 8/10

the crown season 4 netflix

The Royal House of Windsor- A six episode documentary on the Royal House of Windsor , the show is wholesome and not just covers Princess Diana but also the other members , the involvement of Lord Mountbatten , the last Viceroy of India ; the struggles of Prince Philip as an outsider and other stories of the Royal family , this show unlike the Crown is not a work of fiction , this one is a documentary and incidents have been described as it is , without unnecessary drama.

Where to watch "The Royal House of Windsor"? Netflix

IMDb rating - 7.4/10

the crown season 4

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