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"The Crown" Season 4 : "The Palace" Vs Netflix

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

"The Crown" Season 4 on Netflix gained popularity real quick , about 29 million people watched the show according to a report published by 'The Sun' on 25 November. This number is greater than the people who watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding which was obviously a large scale event.

The Crown Netflix

The fourth installment of Netflix's "The Crown" covered Margaret Thatcher as the Prime Minister , Prince Charles and Princess Diana's failed marriage , the rise of Diana's popularity and recreated many more incidents like the "Michael Fagan incident". After most of the episodes, the audience were shown the "real" news clippings of the incidents or the images of the real people on whom the episode was based and thus most of us can decipher that these incidents actually took place.

The crown Netflix

However, "The palace" doesn't agree. The Royal family is particularly forcing Netflix to put a disclaimer in the beginning of each episode claiming that the show is fictional as they believe that the show has been manipulated and dramatized.

In an article by 'The Guardian' , the writer said that "The Crown's fake history is as corrosive as fake news" . On the other hand the scriptwriter of The Crown admitted that "Sometimes you have to forsake accuracy , but you must never forsake truth."

A royal biographer Penny Junor said that the maker of the show Peter Morgan portrayed Diana as the "heroine" of The Crown season 4 while the rest of the Royals as villains. However, Princess Diana made her condition clear in the "infamous" BBC interview. Also, Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell claimed that "The Crown" was an accurate depiction on Diana's state of mind.

The Crown Netflix

The creative freedom that the makers took while creating "The Crown" has clearly impacted "The palace" , there has been a constant pressure on Netflix and the makers of The Crown and one gets to see hundreds of articles every day about this battle between the Palace and Netflix. The maker of The Crown , Peter Morgan also called the Royal family "mutating virus" during the feud and the Queen "a woman of limited intelligence." This has clearly gone too far!

Should Netflix make it clear that "The Crown" is a work of fiction? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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