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The Quarantine Journal - from endless tasks to "wear your masks"

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

If you are reading this post , CONGRATULATIONS! you survived #6monthsof2020 . 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride and as I sit and rewind everything that has happened during this quarantine period , I feel amazed , sad and also "entertained" ; if a movie was made based on the year , I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED.

So, I thought of curating a quarantine journal which you might relate to.

Here we go,

The corona - time, sorry the "quarantine" has been "lousy" on some days and fun on the others. Modi ji ke task , suffocating mask ; Netflix and chill and you might just get killed - here is my quarantine journal*

*for entertainment purposes only

PHASE 1 - what a good break!

In the first week of the pandemic, we didn't hate it so much, it was more like a vacation for the people ; a vacation they barely get. Two words that deftly define this phase is - FAMILY TIME

Uno , ludo . carrom , chess - we played it all. I didn't even know we had a carrom board. Also , good home cooked food after coming back from hostel (unexpectedly) hits different.

PHASE 2 - Sleep , eat , Netflix , repeat

We were still not frustrated , thanks to Netflix. Amazing Netflix originals began to kick in , also rewatching movies is fun at times. Check out our binge watching guide , if you are wondering what to watch. Meanwhile , weird recipes were floating on instagram ( #dalgonacoffee) along with weird challenges (#bingochallenge) and I am not sure why people were cutting their own bangs. But, clearly this was a time to explore your creative side , watch amazing shows and hear your favourite tunes. Also, if you think you have an amazing spotify playlist , share it in the comments section. Yes, it will count as "social work" . Just kidding. But, do share your playlists.

I did the same old stuff - doodling , scribble art.

Also , I started learning Urdu.

How can I forget Ramayana and Mahabharat! You can sell anything to a bunch of bored people, hence proved. Still it was kinda fun , even though it felt like the "slo-mo" filter has been used while editing them.

ALSO , ALSO Modi ji ke task

"Taali bajao - thaali bajao" - week 1

"Diya , candle , torch jalao" - week 2

PHASE 3 - Experiments , long friend calls , online classes AND frustration

The virus started spreading like wildfire, we started missing our friends , colleges/ offices/ schools , the "new" normal wasn't going down well. Also , the educational institutes started their online classes followed by online exams.

This wasn't a good phase or lets say this was the beginning of a bad phase. Societies started getting sealed by the government and the lockdown was definitely driving us crazy.

We guys tried to maintain the fun by doing random experiments like - using a drilling machine to beat a cake. My dad attached the cake beating thing to the drilling machine and somehow regulated its speed with the fan regulator.Don't believe me ? Check the whole story here

PHASE 4 - "Bahut ho gaya"

The situation is gloomy right now and all we have right now is hope. The daily news is just saddening , amazing actors passed away , the political condition doesn't seem stable , online education system isn't really benefitting us and the worst part- we hardly know when this would be over. The malls and the metros would start functioning from 15 July and this might just worsen the situation. Delhi NCR region witnessed more than 15 earthquakes and also a Double rainbow.

I tried my best to make this phase entertaining too- we planted a "snake plant" inside a vodka bottle. Also, we planted a cactus and a few other plants.

Hope for the best , wear your masks and respect the people who are helping us tackle this situation- the doctors and the hospital staff , the policemen , the government and the army.

Stay safe and try to stay at home! Drop your spotify playlists / songs you like in the comments section.

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