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The Story of an Orange

Like every lame story , this story starts from "once upon a time".

So, let's begin.

Once upon a time there lived an orange, he was happy in his own small world , he did his daily chores , went to school , ate his lunch happily in the corner of the class. The orange never stepped outside his comfort zone. One fine day, the orange was forced to step into the real world ; the moment he entered the fruit market he felt insecure. "Woah! So many fruits! They are obviously better than me. Look at the apple , he looks like a rich brat from an influential family. Am I ever going to fit in?" , the orange thought.

This was the first time the orange felt alone , insecure and unsure about his abilities. He was not even ripe yet ; he could not even compete with his fellow oranges. Just then , a big man stepped on the orange , the orange was injured. That day the innocent raw orange cried a little and after his little venting session , the orange decided to transform his life. The orange went to the finer oranges and asked for help. Some finer oranges were really rude , the others helped him happily. Soon , the orange had smooth thin skin , he felt fresh. He had never felt happier.

The apples tried to put him down once in a while but the orange was unaffected or as the Gen z oranges call "as chill as a slurpee".