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Travel Tales : My Journey from Delhi to Arunachal Pradesh!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

A few months back I got an amazing opportunity to travel to Arunachal Pradesh or let's say I created an opportunity to travel to this beautiful state. My college roomie lives in Arunachal , one random night I called her and invited myself to the beautiful state.

Northeastern part of the country is absolutely amazing, I hadn't visited Arunachal Pradesh before but I had visted Sikkim once and it was amazing ; visiting the India-China Border (Nathula Pass in Sikkim, located at an altitude of 14,140 feet) was one experience I can never forget.

The spectacular state of Arunachal has the lowest population density in India. Throughout my visit , I could hardly spot any tourist. The nearest airport is Guwahati Airport in Assam , it takes about 7-8 hours from Guwahati Airport to reach Itanagar , the capital of Arunachal Pradesh by road. One can also opt for a helicopter service from Guwahati Airport to Naharlagan in Arunachal Pradesh and then take a cab from Naharlagan to Itanagar , the total time taken to reach Itanagar in this case would be 2 hours. While going to Itanagar , I was lucky enough to avail the helicopter service , I somehow got a reservation at the last moment probably because a couple of people cancelled. The aerial view of Assam was to die for! It was absolutely spectacular. Add it to your bucket list NOW.

To visit Arunachal Pradesh , one needs to get an approved Permit called the Inner Line Permit which nowadays can be availed online , HOWEVER , even though I applied for the permit a week ago , I couldn't get it approved. On 23rd April , I was boarding my flight from Delhi and I vividly remember refreshing my phone anxiously to check if I had recieved the permit but sadly I had not. I was a little anxious and there was NO plan B. The moment I landed in Guwahati , I checked my phone again and I had still not received my permit , I felt like panicking but I think I was too tired to even panic. I had woken up at 4 AM that day for travelling and now I was standing alone in Assam without a permit and a plan. I went to collect my luggage and I asked the nearby counter about the cab facility to reach Itanagar. I still didn't have a permit , God knows how I had the courage to ask about a cab facility. I think the cab service guy quoted around Rs. 2500. "transportation , sorted!" , I thought. I refreshed my phone again and this time I had receieved the permit , somehow! The Inner Line permit portal of Arunachal Pradesh accepts the payment after the permit has been approved , so , as I was taking out my debit card to pay , I received a call , this one was from the Helicoper service , they said that my seat had been confirmed because some VIP did not show up. I completed the payment for the inner line permit , now the helicopter guy told me that they accept only cash , I wasn't carrying a lot of cash , I had to rush to the ATM to get some cash and as I reached the helicopter counter and sat in the waiting line , I asked a couple of questions from a northeastern girl who was also waiting in the same helicopter service line and she looked at me weirdly and giggled.

"Is something wrong with my face?" I thought and opened the front camera of my phone , I had forgotten to take off my face shield after landing , my hair was a complete mess and I looked somewhere between stoned and anxious. I saw a reflection of myself , my t-shirt was weirdly untucked , I removed my face shield , took a deep breath and made myself realise that everything was in place now , I WAS GOING TO ARUNACHAL (WITH A PERMIT)!

Some beautiful shots from Arunachal Pradesh -

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