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What to watch on Netflix? - Your binge watching guide

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


7.6/10 IMDb

With three working-class teenagers Samuel, Christian and Nadia enrolling in LAS ESCINAS , the most exclusive private school in Spain on a scholarship, leading to clashes between them and the rich brats , the result of which a murder takes place.

With unexpected alliances and plot-twists in the second season , this season revolves around finding the murderer . Just like the first season, the second season too is filled with parties , sex and drugs.

Elite netflix

In the third season (with the truth all-out(*still the guilty not behind bars), )the characters are now in their final year of high school gearing up to join universities. Just as they start to move on and come to terms with the realities of life , another murder takes place.

Packed with romance, drugs and murder ,this show will take you on a emotional rollercoaster.

It's certainly one of the few shows that have maintained the quality through each season. With unexpected plot-twists and various conspiracies, this show will amaze you.

This show is sure to entertain you!

Youtube comments out here stating facts!

Elite , netflix


7.9/10 IMDb

On October 1, 1989 43 infants were born around the world which was a shock considering none of the mothers were pregnant when the day started. Sir Reginald Hargreeves managed to adopt seven of those kids which led to the start of umbrella academy .

Based on the comics created by Gerad Way, the show starts with number five aka FIVE returnig from the future to warn his dysfunctinal family of supers - who've reunited due to the death of their father - of an apocalypse.

the umbrella academy , netflix

Jammed with humour, quirkiness and thrill this show will keep you glued to your screen . A great plot and a few musical numbers; this is a must-watch.

The second season will be released on July 31,2020.


7.6/10 IMDb

"Outer Banks, paradise on earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses.


outer banks , netflix

Outer Banks is a American action-adventure teen mystery drama. Pogues are the chilled-out teens living at the CUT, always partying and kooks are the rich brats from FIGURE EIGHT who always look down on Pogues.

John B, Kiara, JJ and Pope are Pogues who set out an adventure to find gold worth $400 million which was supposedly lost when The Royal Merchant drowned.

Packed with unexpected plot-twists, fights and sass, this show will become one of your instant faves.


6.9/10 IMDb

From the guys who bought you The Office, Space Force was released on netflix on May 29,2020. Space Force sees Steve Carell in action as the head of a newly formed sixth branch of the US Armed Forces, The Space force.

People have been harsh comparing this show to THE OFFICE but in my opinion, this show offers a lot. With Mark Naird, played by Steve Carell singing whenever's he's in a bind , FuckTony making fun of all the boomers and the Space Force fighting with China over Space Dominance.

It's one of the few , very few goods that happened this year. Definitely funny!

Check it out for yourself!

space force , netflix


8.4/10 IMDb

The toit-est show ever! Simply perfection.

The best comedy show. Period!

It's a show with humorous stories and consistent storyline perfectly executed by the actors.

From the iconic cold opens & heist episodes to Jake's "Title of your sex tape" , this show is the best comedy sitcom.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a perfect example of a show that has managed to discuss all the injustices still existing in the society. With various episodes focusing on police brutality faced by the black and LGBTQ+ community, this show does more than educate people on equality.

brooklyn nine nine , netflix

Fox cancelled the series after five seasons. The following day, NBC picked up the series for a sixth season which premiered on NBC on January 10, 2019. The seventh season premiered on February 6, 2020.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is renewed for a eighth season.

Check out some of the cold opens below:

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