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What to watch on Netflix ? - The StreamFest edition!

Netflix StreamFest starts tomorrow (5th December) , we hope you have your watchlist ready by now and if not our final post might help you out.


IMDb 7.1/10

The movie starts with Beca joining the Barden University. Beca with the dream of becoming a DJ was forced into joining the Barden Bellas, an all girls acapella group after Chloe heard her singing in the shower. Well, this scene was iconic. Beca and the rest of barden bellas

work through their differences throughout the movie and eventually, go up against the treblemakers in the regional acapella competition. The most iconic piece in the pitch perfect history was the riff-off. The acapella teams fighting is the cherry on top.

The first movie will give you everything you wish for, from heartbreak to endless laughter.

One of the best musicals I've ever watched.

Pitch perfect has two more sequels. But the first movie remains supreme.

what to watch on Netflix


IMDb 7.5/10

Blackpink, one of the world’s biggest pop bands released their Netflix documentary, BLACKPINK : LIGHT UP THE SKY on October 14,2020.

This documentary showcased their life prior to fame. All four of the girls JENNIE, ROSÉ LISA and JISOO left their homes at a very young age of 14-16 to undergo K-pop training. All four of them shared how they came together to form the phenomenon, that is Blackpink. Coming from different countries and different cultures, they shared their struggles; the ups and downs in the most vulnerable light. //ROSÉ and LISA left their homes in Australia and Thailand respectively to pursue their dreams. JENNIE used to live alone in NEW ZEALAND before coming back to South Korea. JIISOO was born and raised in South Korea.//

This documentary showcased their life prior to fame and the behind the scenes of their recording process. Their debut album was released on October 2, 2020.

what to watch on netflix


IMDb 7.6/10

“Outer Banks, paradise on earth. It’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses.


Outer Banks is an American action-adventure teen mystery drama. Pogues are the chilled-out teens living at the CUT, always partying and kooks are the rich brats from FIGURE EIGHT who always look down on Pogues.

John B, Kiara, JJ and Pope are Pogues who set out an adventure to find gold worth $400 million which was supposedly lost when The Royal Merchant drowned.

Packed with unexpected plot-twists, fights and sass, this show will become one of your instant faves.

Outer Banks was renewed for a season two and is currently in the works.

what to watch on netflix


IMDb 6.2/10

Released in March 2020, Spenser Confidential is a movie based on an ex-cop teaming up with his roommate to bust a wicked conspiracy. With cameos from Post Malone, frequent fights and a decent storyline; this movie will grab your attention for a while.

This is one of those good movies that you’d watch only once. But, definitely worth the time.

what to watch on Netflix


IMDb 6.1/10

Starring Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy and Jordan Fisher, Work It was released in august, 2020. The story revolves around the life of a nerd; played by Sabrina Carpenter who takes up dancing as an extra curricular to get into her dream school. With the help of her best friend; played by Liza koshy and the hot teacher; played by Jordan Fisher, they establish their own team for a competition.

A great dance movie. Definitely worth the time.

what to watch on Netflix

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Free Netflix , a good watchlist , favourite blanket , a cup of coffee , a bag of chips - Weekend Sorted :P

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