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What to watch this week? - Never Have I Ever Season 2 , K-dramas , Modern Family and more!

"Binge watching is a way of life."-Pandemic,2020

Here is a list of TV Shows and movies you should check out this week-

1. Never Have I Ever Season 2

Never Have I Ever Season 2 became popular in no time ; Netflix did a terrific job in promoting the new season of "Never Have I ever" on every social media platform.

The first season of the show was a huge hit , and the second season of Never Have I ever is trending on Netflix India currently. "Never Have I Ever" revolves around the life of an Indian American teen , Devi Vishwakumar played by Matreiye Ramakrishnan. The show is quirky , fun and binge worthy!

Never Have I ever season 2

*Spoiler Alert*

Gigi Hadid makes a special appearance in the second season of Never Have I Ever.

You can watch "Never Have I ever" Season 2 on Netflix!

Never Have I ever season 2

2. Modern Family

One can never get bored of "Modern Family" ; 11 seasons of pure drama! Modern Family is surely my "comfort show". Phil's jokes , Lily's one liners , Alex's sarcasm and Claire's reactions ; each character of the show is fun to watch.

Modern family quotes

If you haven't watched "Modern Family" , GO WATCH IT NOW on Disney Hotstar!

Modern Family

3. Crash Landing on You

K-dramas are really becoming popular in India and if you haven't explored the K-drama world yet, this one might be a good start! "Crash Landing on You" was the first K-drama I watched and I kind of liked it. If you are bored of watching those quintessential American shows , explore K-dramas for a while , you might like them.

"Crash Landing on You" is a story of a South Korean businesswoman , Yoon Seri who accidently "crash lands" in North Korea and that's where the drama begins!

K dramas Netflix

You can watch "Crash Landing on You" on Netflix!

K dramas Netflix

4. Something in the Rain

"Something in the Rain" is the second K-drama I actually completed after "Crash Landing on You" ; the lead actress on both the shows is the same. While "Crash Landing on You" does not seem very realistic , "Something in the rain" has a way more realistic approach and discusses major issues like workplace harassment and dating norms of the society. I also started watching K-dramas like "One Spring Night" and "Start-up" but sadly , these shows couldn't hold my attention. If you have just started watching K-dramas or are exploring this idea , you can definitely watch "Something in the Rain".

K dramas Netflix

You can watch "Something in the Rain" on Netflix!

5. The World's most Amazing Vacation Rentals

I am currently watching this show and if you are into Travel shows , you CANNOT sKip "The World's most Amazing Vacation Rentals". The show portrays peculiar (and affordable) vacation homes from all over the world ; if you are into travel , design or BOTH , you will love the show!

You can watch "The World's most Amazing Vacation Rentals" on Netflix!

Yes, Calvin. The fictional world is always better.