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What to watch this week on Netflix and Disney plus Hotstar? - Your weekly watch guide!

So much has already happened in 2021 , Jack Ma , the owner of Alibaba and Ant group is "missing" after a speech against the Chinese government, bird flu is spreading like wildfire in India , the vaccine distribution process is about to start , Elon Musk became the world's richest person this month and now he is no longer the richest person ; in short, everything is still chaotic outside.

I'd rather stay indoors and binge some TV shows till the world gets "normal" again.

A list of shows you can watch this week on Netflix and Disney plus Hotstar-

1. Netflix's Umbrella Academy

The second season began *spoiler* with all the “siblings” landing in different years. This time around, the show talked about a lot more stuff including the infamous JOHN F. KENNEDY assassination, crimes against black-folk. Vanya and Diego had better luck with love this time. Allison and Luther, on the other hand; it got awkward. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the FATHER appeared a lot more in this season, honestly, caught me off-guard with what he did at the end. This season was worth the wait. The storyline was incredible, and will have you completely invested in it.

Netflix officially renewed The Umbrella Academy for a third season in November 2020.

Where to watch "Umbrella Academy"? Netflix

2. Ariana Grande's excuse me, I love you

A Netflix concert film was released on 21 December 2020. The film gave all the fans who haven't been able to experience her heavenly vocals in person, a chance to experience exactly that. With little backstage footage and her reacting to Trump's impeachment was the cherry on top.

What to watch on netflix hotstar

Where to watch "Ariana Grande's excuse me, I love you" ? Netflix

3. Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

A phenomenon, if I may; Money Heist is unarguably one of the best shows on Netflix. The impeccable storyline, the music and the cast; everything about this show is incredible. No, I'm not bluffing. La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist was one of the most watched shows on Netflix in India. The show is a Spanish crime drama with the first season (part) released back in 2017. A criminal mastermind who goes by the name of PROFESSOR along with his partners aims to pull the biggest heist in Spain’s history by printing billions of euros at the Royal Mint in Spain.


The show takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. You probably, will go from being sure they’re gonna make so much money to *spoiler* watching the plan slowly fall apart to the heist partners fighting, making love to crying when some of them die.

Definitely recommend it. Worth every second.

The very anticipated fifth season (final season) is currently in the works and will soon be released.

what to watch on Netflix Hotstar

Where to watch Money Heist? Netflix

4. Modern Family

I started the show with really low expectations, I have already binged the first season and I can safely say that "Modern family" is a good show. It is entertaining, fun and a little quirky, a couple of episodes a day will surely make your day a little better :)

You might even relate to a few elements in the show like irritating siblings :P

What to watch on Netflix hotstar

Where to watch "Modern Family"? Disney plus Hotstar

5. Conspiracies

If you like both documentaries and conspiracies and documentaries , THIS IS YOUR SHOW. The episodes are not related to each other so you can randomly pick an episode and watch all the conspiracies surrounding the topic (like the Royals or the Nazis). Interesting stuff , I must say!

what to watch on Netflix Hotstar

Where to watch "Conspiracies"? Netflix

What are you watching these days? Tell us in the comments section below!

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