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What to watch this week? Your weekend watchlist is here - Elite , Kota Factory S2 and more!

We are back with the weekly watchlist!


Netflix blessed us all with elite short stories before the release of Season 4 of Elite. With some of the original cast of Elite not being in season 4, the four short stories serve as a bridge between seasons 3 and 4.

The fourth installment of the Netflix Spanish drama was released on June 18, 2021. Patrick, Mencía and Ari are siblings that moved to Spain with their dad who is now the new principal of Las Encinas. Phillipe, on the other hand is a French Prince who moved to Las Encinas due to some controversies (crime, if I may). The new characters stirred up quite some trouble, some of them ended in deep-deep sh*t and it was both annoying and fun to watch them do so. The show remains just as scandalous as before; a must-watch.

Shadow & Bone

Shadow & Bone caused quite a stir on the internet as soon as it was released on Netflix. Shooting straight to #1 spot on Netflix worldwide, the show is based on the GRISHAVERSE novels by author Leigh Bardugo. Grishas are wizards and have different powers, majorly three. But only two such grishas are all-powerful with very distinct powers.

Extraordinary You

One of the best shows I’ve ever watched. The plot, characters everything was incredible. The only issue I had with the show was the episode length (1.25 hours is way too long for an episode).

Watch Extroridinary You on Netflix!

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Kota Factory Season2

TVF's hit show Kota Factory is now on Netflix. The second season of Kota Factory was simple , raw and real. The show not only discussed simpler issues like exam pressure but subtly touched on issues like suicide , coaching class politics and peer pressure during this crucial preparation. Apart from an amazing plot , a spectacular concept and ofcourse the black and white theme of the series , the marketing game of the show was unbeatable!

Kota Factory Season 2


The PERFECT road trip movie ; Karwaan is about finding perfection in the imperfections of life. Akarsh Khurana's lens focusses on the complicated aspects of life with simplicity. Prateek Kuhad's songs add charm to the movie ; Mithila Palkar, Dulquer Salman and Irfan Khan's acting blends to form a perfect movie!

You can watch Karwaan on Amazon Prime!

Also, if you are a fan of Mithila Palkar's work , check out Chopsticks and Little Things on Netflix ; Little Things season 4 out on Oct 15, 2021.

Little Things Season Netflix

That's all for today , see you next week!

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