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Who was Prince Philip? - an exiled prince , husband of the Queen of England ,the brother of a Nazi

Recently, we lost the oldest member of the World's most famous Royal family. Many called Prince Philip the epitome of a stoic white man. Before the member of the Royal family of England, Philip was the Prince of Greece and Denmark , he had to escape Greece while he was very young due to political upheaval. Unlike , the Royal family of England , the other Royal families of the world couldn't survive the anti-monarchy sentiment. Prince Philip, along with many other royals, ended up becoming the victim of this anti monarchy sentiment. He fled Greece in an orange crate when he was very young. His mother, Princess Alice who was related to Queen Victoria , suffered mental illnesses and Philip's sisters were Nazis and married to Hitler's close friends.

Even though a Royal by birth, Prince Philip faced several hardships in the early years of his life. One of his sisters even died in a plane crash when he was still a teenager.

In 1939 , when Philip was 18 years old , he joined the British Royal Navy , it was then he started writing letters to "Princess" Elizabeth , who was just thirteen at that time. Prince Philip had met her by then as they the Queen and Prince Philip happened to be some sort of cousins.

who was prince philip

The Royal families of many countries are linked because the members of these families were not allowed to marry "non-royal" people and therefore a lot of the Royals were cousins of some sort.

Fun fact: The Queen's Grandfather (King George V) and the Russian Tsar (Tsar Nicholas II) were close cousins. These two cousins looked very similar and called each other by nicknames "Georgie" and "Nickie"



In 1947, "Princess" Elizabeth and Prince Philip got married, this was the same year India became free from the British rule , the Queen's father's health (King George VI) started to decline and "Great Britain" could see itself becoming "Little England".

who was prince philip

In 1953 , after the death of King George VI , Elizabeth of declared the Queen of England. Prince Philip , however, did not become the King , as he was not an heir of the Windsor family. After his wife's oath as the Queen , he was the first person to bow before her. He not only left his career to support the Queen and the British monarchy but became an important pillar of the monarchy. He did not even get to name his kids after him. Prince Philip always came second to the Queen and at the end of the day this sets an example; not many men could tolerate being second, playing the silent role or being of less importance than their counterpart in any way. Philip was originally given the title of the Duke of Edinburgh and was later given the title "Prince".

"When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife."-Prince Philip (1921-2021)

He is known for being blunt and at times a racist but one cannot ignore that he faced racism himself in the Royal family. Philip was called names like "Philip the Greek" or associated with the Nazis , he was not easily accepted in the Royal family.

Who was prince philip

On the morning of 9th April 2021 , the Queen's "liege man of life and limb" died.

The "almost" 100 year old Prince Philip was the longest serving Royal Consort in British history. He played an active role in the second world War, he saw the rise and fall of the Nazis , the death of so many family members, had to leave his Royal life in Greece and was titled Prince again. Prince Philip's death probably marks the end of an era.

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