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Why we absolutely HATE online classes - The STUDENT opinion

The pandemic is claiming lives , mental health issues are on a rise , societies are getting sealed by the government BASICALLY "halat bahut kharab hai , boss"

MEANWHILE Colleges and Schools -


It is mandatory to attend the online classes. Also, switch on your cameras.

Dekho yaar , we definitely are not "dear" to you , toh yeh formality mat kro. :)

Online classes are more like a coursera course WE HAVE TO COMPLETE and we can't even fast forward the thing.

On a serious note , there are students who do not have the required gadgets and even though the government is helping them by arranging classes on radio and television but it isn't completely solving the problem.

Also, the internet speed becomes an issue in many areas; the high internet traffic is actually impacting the internet speed in many places.

Here is the "Twitter opinion"-

What's the funniest thing that has happened during your online class? Tell us in the comments section.

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